10 Reasons Why 2020 Election Fraud Never Happened

Here are 10 things we now know about the 2020 United States Presidential Election that prove election fraud never occurred.


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President Obama Says He Would SCOLD Trump For Whining After Losing The Election

President Barack Obama appeared on 60 minutes to discuss Donald Trump's behavior after losing the 2020 presidential election...

Trump Concedes Election On Twitter?!?

Donald Trump tweeted "he won" the 2020 presidential election, but in the same tweet promoted unfounded conspiracy theories...

Fox Host Throws TANTRUM Over Republicans Ignoring Trump

Fox Business' Lou Dobbs questions Republican congressman Devin Nunes on why Republicans aren't blindly backing Donald Trump's ludicrous...

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Trump Praises QAnon Conspiracy Theory Group During NBC Town Hall

The media is reporting that Donald Trump failed to denounce the conspiracy theory group QAnon during his NBC...

Trump Wanted To Airstrike Iranian Nuclear Site After Losing Presidential Election

Donald Trump had to be talked down from ordering an airstrike against an Iranian nuclear site during a...

Trump Scampers From News Conference After Two Woodward Questions

Donald Trump runs away from the press after two questions regarding Bob Woodward's revelation that Trump knew how...

Trump Downplays CDC Director On Face Masks, Vaccine Timeline

During a press briefing at the White House, Trump said CDC Director Robert Redfield was confused and didn't...

Anthony Fauci Destroys Rand Paul’s Covid Lies To His Face

Anthony Fauci ripped Rand Paul's herd immunity arguments to shreds during a Senate committee hearing on the effectiveness...