Sunday, January 24, 2021
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    Pelosi Puts Pence On The Clock To Use 25th Amendment To Remove Trump

    Mike Pence was just put on notice by House Democrats. He can stop them from brining historic impeachment articles against Donald Trump if Pence...

    Cohen Says Trump Knew “Codes” Would Incite Violence on Capitol Hill

    Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen says Trump knew the language he was using was code for his supporters to storm the capitol, and that...

    Trump’s FULL Phone Call with Ga. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

    Listen to the full phone call between Donald Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in which Donald Trump corruptly makes multiple attempts...

    Senate Debates Pandemic Stimulus Round 2

    Watch live as the Senate continues debate on the second round of pandemic stimulus.

    Bernie Sanders Slams Mitch McConnell For Not Voting On $2000 Checks

    Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) demands Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (D-KY) bring the House of Representatives' bill which includes a $2000 stimulus checks to...

    Live: Senators Set to Vote on Covid Relief Bill

    Watch live as Senators make their closing remarks on the upcoming covid relief bill expected to make its way to the Senate floor for...

    Michael Flynn Makes First Public Speech Since Trump Pardon

    Michael Flynn, who admitted to lying about his participation in a Russian attempt to overthrow America's democracy and was later pardoned by Donald Trump,...

    Senator Murphy Slams “Treacherous” Republicans Backing Trump’s Coup Attempt

    Democratic Senator Chris Murphy slams Republicans backing Donald Trump’s Texas V. Pennsylvania election fraud lawsuit as treasonous.

    Bernie Sanders SLAMS Senate for Neglecting Americans Suffering During Covid Pandemic

    Senator Bernie Sanders urges his fellow Senators to act to provide relief to the millions of Americans suffering because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Trump Wanted To Airstrike Iranian Nuclear Site After Losing Presidential Election

    Donald Trump had to be talked down from ordering an airstrike against an Iranian nuclear site during a meeting in the Oval Office on...

    President Obama Says He Would SCOLD Trump For Whining After Losing The Election

    President Barack Obama appeared on 60 minutes to discuss Donald Trump's behavior after losing the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden.

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    Dr. Fauci Speaks on America’s Covid-19 Response

    Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks on the recent surge in new cases, the Pfizer vaccine, and Joe Biden's presidency.

    Trump RAGES Against Fox News in Twitter MELTDOWN

    Donald Trump had an EPIC meltdown on Twitter about Fox News. The conservative bubble is imploding.

    State Department Keeping Global Congratulatory Messages From Biden

    Donald Trump's State Department is not releasing celebratory messages from global leaders to Joe Biden.

    10 Reasons Why 2020 Election Fraud Never Happened

    Here are 10 things we now know about the 2020 United States Presidential Election that prove election fraud never occurred.

    Biden Cracks Up Over Mike Pompeo Saying Trump Won The Election

    Watch Joe Biden laugh off Donald Trump's Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying the State Department is preparing a transition to a second Trump...

    Texas Judge SHUTS DOWN Republicans Trying To Steal Election

    A Texas judge dismissed an attempt by Republicans in Texas to throw away 127,000 ballots from a drive-up polling center in a predominately Democratic...

    100,000 Polish March Against Restrictive Abortion Court Ruling

    Drone footage shows the scale of protests in Poland's capital Warsaw against a court ruling that further limited its restrictive abortion laws —...

    Deborah Birx Is Boycotting Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force

    Dr. Deborah Birx, who once Trump trusted to manage his administration's response to covid-19, is now travelling state to state to encourage Americans to...

    LIVE: Watch the Senate Debate Barrett’s Supreme Court Appointment

    Watch live as Senate Democrats and Republicans spar over the nomination process of Supreme Court Justice appointee Amy Coney Barrett.

    The Rudy Giuliani Cringe Scene

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm was released today on Amazon Prime and it didn't take long for the Rudy Giuliani scene--in which he gropes himself in...

    Live: The Final Presidential Debate

    Watch the third and final presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

    Trump Releases Embarrassing 60 Minutes Interview

    Donald Trump's White House violated the terms of their agreement with CBS News by releasing video of his interview with 60 Minutes' Leslie Stahl.

    President Barack Obama Makes First Campaign Speech for Joe Biden

    Watch live as President Obama holds his first drive-in rally in Pennsylvania for Joe Biden.